An artist with a knack for making you feel seen 

If I had to sum myself up quickly, it would be that I love to make people laugh and I genuinely care about how I can positively impact someone's day or experience.

I’m passionate about creating modern yet emotional imagery but my overall intention is to create a space where you are met with openness to be your most honest and authentic self. It matters about how you feel being in front of the camera and I consider it my job to make that feel effortless.  

The end results are walking away with your legacy documented and preserved with stunning images captured with sincerity. 


- Sarah & Frank

"Paula was just recently the photographer for my destination wedding in Punta Cana and she was absolutely incredible! From the very beginning she was responsive, professional and made us both very comfortable. During our wedding week she went above and beyond to take beautiful shots and connect with all our family and friends. We are extremely happy with the service she provided and our STUNNING wedding photos. We highly recommend her!

A little bit

about me

I’ve been capturing weddings in Toronto, the GTA, and across the globe for 10 years now. I fell into photographing weddings one summer many moons ago after graduating from Sheridan College for photography. At the time I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer. Looking at my work now, I can see elements of my time studying the world of editorial portraits and art and still to this day feel inspired by it.

Being a photographer provides me a freedom I feel lucky to have. But it’s also a lot of hard work and I put everything I have into what I do. When I’m not working, I’m totally snuggling up to my cat Peakie, binge-watching all the Netflix shows or catching up on a Formula 1 race. 

I’ve lived abroad in Ireland (thanks to my handy dandy EU passport) and dream of one day going back and maybe retiring there. In the meantime, I do hope my time as a destination wedding photographer can continue to bring me to more destinations around the world.

Editing Assistant


Peakie, a Scottish Fold, who totally thinks she’s the only cat in the world, came to live with me at the start of the pandemic. And yes, she’s named after Peaky Blinders (even though there isn’t a 1920’s gangster bone in her body).

Peakie loves to sit with me when I’m editing wedding photos. I like to think she’s giving her final blessing. When she’s not laying beside me while I work, she’s likely in her 6 ft cat tower sleeping, in my room sleeping, or on the floor sleeping

I’ve mentioned briefly already but I’m serious when I say that I really love to travel. Having traveled to 19 countries so far, I am lucky that I have been given opportunities to photograph destination weddings and adventurous engagement sessions in places like Australia, Italy, New York, Kelowna, Jamaica and more! I have a wealth of experience in guiding you through a destination wedding and am happy to travel anywhere! 

Oh The Places I’ll Go!

Destination Weddings

destination list


As a destination wedding photographer, I’m a bit of a wanderer and I love travelling. Here’s a map to show you where I’ve already been! If you’re planning a wedding at one of these destinations, or any, hit me up and let’s chat about your plans!

Bucket list


I'm not afraid of heights so this seems like it would be a cool experience.



While everyone else was learning how to make sourdough, my pandemic hobby was getting into Formula 1!



Don’t tell Peakie but they’re totally my favourite animal.


see penguins in south africa

fly first class

I should be specific and say "get upgraded to first class for FREE." I know it's possible.


Get Ready to

capture something beautiful. Together.